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Bob Gambee '64 releases a new photo book on Princeton: http:








74's Rock Stars in Stripes 35th Reunion was rockin'!!!

May 28-31, 2009


Here are some of the things we did:


Weekend highlights:
  • Welcome Dinner, Thursday evening at Madison Hall / Rockefeller College 
  • Thursday evening entertainment - Jerry Topinka Jazz Quintet 
  • Memorial Service - University Chapel - 9:00am Friday
  • Friday lunch at the site.
  • '74 AlumnAE Tea - Friday at the site.
  • Class Dinner at the Boathouse, Friday evening.  Music by the Tigerlillies.  Visit by President Tilghman.
  • Party at the site (Cuyler Courtyard), Friday night.  Danced 'til the wee hours to The East Coast Band.
  • Class Photo, Saturday morning.  On the steps of Clio Hall.
  • Saturday lunch at the site.  Princeton University marching Band joined us. 
  • P-RADE, Saturday afternoon, 2pm.  Featuring "big head" rock stars: Mick, John, Tina, Elton, Janis, and James.
  • Family Dinner on Frist lawn, Saturday night.  Music by the Roaring 20's.
  • Fireworks.
  • Party at the site, Saturday night.  Dancing with The Fabulous Greaseband.
  • Brunch Adieu, Sunday morning at Wu Hall / Butler College. 
Our classmates participated in these Alumni-Faculty forums:
  • Jonca Bull:  Can the Profit Motive Coexist with the Hippocratic Oath? Commercialization in Medicine
  • Bill Walton:  Investing Today: Strategies for Uncertain Times
  • Bill Frist:  Change We Can Believe In? An Obama Report Card
  • Cheryl Gould:  Journalism in the Age of New Media
  • Ginny Kamsky:  America and the Global Economy: Who's on Top in the 21st Century?
We had these activities for Children and Teens:
  • Tiger Camp
  • Outdoor Action 
  • Navigating the College Admission Process with Dean of Admission Janet L. Rapelye and Anita Harris '73, Chair of the Alumni Council Princeton Schools Committee.  
Two very special Notes:
  • Community Service Project.  We asked all classmates to bring two to five new, or "like-new" condition, books to our reunion site.  We donated these books to Anchor House, a non-profit organization in Trenton which manages three houses that provide emergency shelter for runaway and abused children, ages infant to young adult.  Interesting books for teens and young adults are still needed. We are hoping to donate a total of 500 books to this worthy organization, which is supported by the Princeton Student Volunteers Council.  Check out Anchor House at  If you are not coming to Reunions and wish to participate, you can donate locally to a similar group or library or order books online with shipment to: Ginny Corson, 3601 Greenway #403, Baltimore, MD  21218 for inclusion in the Anchor House donation.  If you donate locally, please email to have your gift added to the Class of '74 book tally.
  • eBook.  This year we have decided to go digital with our own wiki-google eBook.  (It's greener, it's less costly, and it drags us into the 21st century.)  Text, photos, even links to audio and video files.  What's particularly nice is that the site allows classmates to view pages as they evolve and before arriving on campus.  (Comments are encouraged.)  A 'beta' group of classmates is already at work.  All others -- expect your 'invitation' to create a page by the end of March . . . and get started immediately.  To view the eBook, click here. (LOGIN REQUIRED - login instructions were sent to all '74 classmates in late March, or you can contact for login instructions.)

    Don't believe it - check out the photos here:

Thanks to all who participated.  Results available from Jocelyn.






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Reunions 2008

Over sixty classmates returned to Princeton for our 34th Reunion.  A few classmates kicked off the weekend on Thursday night under the tent at 73's 35th.  Friday and Saturday activities included seeing friends at eating clubs, attending Reunion meetings for campus organizations and sports teams, watching classmate Melvin McCray receive the Alumni Council Award for Service to Princeton, gathering for dinner in small groups Friday night, going to the Triangle Club show, and of course, the P-Rade and Class Dinner on Saturday.  Many classmates boogied 'til closing with the East Coast Band at the 35th.  Noteworthy highlights included Chris Elliott coming back for the first time in 19 years, Bill Urban capturing the Long Distance Award by jetting in from Marrakesh for the weekend, and Dave Waltz coming back for his first Reunions weekend ever!


Check out Reunions 2008 in the photos below, and mark your calendar for May 28-31, 2009!




Class of 1974 Flag Photos


Other News and Events:
Next Class Trips --Napa Valley--Spring 2010,  Virginia--Fall 2010
Details coming Fall of 2009
Bill Frist vs. Bill Maher on the Swine Flu
Nick Allard on CNBC - 1/20/09
Lennox Rules Again!!! 
Project 55
Many people think that Project 55 is named for Princeton’s Class of 1955, which started the organization after a class mini-reunion in 1989.  Actually, the name has a double meaning, as the project was initiated when coincidentally many of the classmates were turning 55.  Elliott Lee '74 has recently joined their Board, and 
Bill Frist '74 will be helping Project 55's Public Health Fellowship program.  Find out more about Project 55 by clicking on their star on the home page of this site.
Reunions 2007
Did you miss Reunions 2007?  Many classmates made it to the P-Rade, and the Class Dinner at Pat and Charlotte O'Connell's.  


Class Trip to Gettysburg
The class trip was spectacular!  Plans are already underway for another trip in the Spring of 2010.  How about Napa?
You may have seen the announcement that our trip leaderProf. McPherson is the recipient of the first Pritzker Military Library Literature Award for lifetime achievement in military writing. The award is to "the most thoughtful and articulate scholar writing about war and military activities." As those of you who have heard him speak know, he is not only an articulate writer, but also an articulate and interesting speaker, and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be with him for the weekend.
More photos here: